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Like our summer bib shorts, the SORRENTO 1960 winter bib shorts, too, are the future of sportswear.

The Creora® Power Fit fabrics ensures an excellent fit while our use of Graphene+ helps you stay warm in the cold weather as this revolutionary and light-weight material dynamically distributes heat to colder areas while you’re riding. The G+ Planar Thermal Circuit® by Directa Plus is truly a sportswear game-changer and at Obbi, we are at the forefront of the revolution.

For the inside pad, we use the latest edition from Elastic Interface®, the Road Performance Force, which is originally intended for ultra-cycling and long hours in the saddle. The design of this pad is developed with a central channel improving blood flow and reducing pressure and numbness. The multidirectional curvature provides greater fit and saddle stability, while the innovative air-mapping concept increases air permeability for reduced heat and increased wicking properties.

The Sorrento winter bib shorts are both extremely comfortable to wear, while also being the most technologically advanced bib shorts on the market, making your rides more fun and way faster.

The Story behind the name

Back in 1960, the beautiful town of Sorrento hosted the second stage of the Giro d’Italia.

On an undulating route, the riders took on a 25 km time trial in the spectacular terrain on the Sorrentine Peninsula.

The winner of the stage was a young rider by the name of Romeo Venturelli, handpicked by the great Fausto Coppi just the year before. The Italian beat the eventual overall winner of the race, Jacques Anquetil, by just six seconds in Sorrento.

The Sorrento 1960 winter bib shorts are a dedication to the beautiful town and the nail-biting fight against the clock that day.

Wear the future

Are you ready to be part of the revolution and wear the future of sportswear?

Order your Obbi winter clothing today!


  • Creora® Power Fit fabric is a spandex with excellent fit that models it and includes the thigh made unique by the printing of the Planar Thermal Circuit G+ ®
  • ROAD PERFORMANCE FORCE pad with Elastic Interface® X-Fifty fabric which, thanks to the REPOC construction and the polyamide and polyester yarns, absorbs humidity more quickly and accelerates the drying process but the peculiarity of this pad is the insertion in the perineal area of ​​the new system of hybrid cells, a revolutionary material that makes it suitable even for very long distances Lycra® bands on the bottom of the leg with 50 mm silicone punctuation for maximum grip on the garment
  • Slim fit
  • 5°-10°C / 41°-50°F

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Sorrento 1960

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