SARTORIA SPORTIVA is the new project inspired by the all-Neapolitan tradition of ‘made-to-measure clothing.
Although OBBI is a young brand,it has the ambitious goal of taking the concept of customization of some of its high-end products to the extreme in order to satisfy people’s love of detail, their desire for uniqueness and their need to wear an elegant, tailored garment.

The procedure is like that used in haute couture: the customer will be supported and advised at every stage; we will start with a small questionnaire, then the self-measurement and finally the graphic design – at this stage a professional will be on hand until the achievement of the most appropriate design.

The size will be identified starting with the measurement of our basic kits. Once having defined the size, we will create the garment until we achieve a real sewn-on kit. The parameters we are going to customize are: neck height, front length, back length, sleeve length, strap length and thigh length

With the help of the data sheet and after choosing the fabric, we will proceed with the cutting of the garment of the new KAM.


One of our graphic designers (on site or via email) will take care of the creation
of textures, texts, and the choice of the most appropriate colors to make
the garment even more exclusive.<br><br>

are taken using
following technique:

A recurring limitation in the realization of a tailored technical garment is the ‘identification of the correct size as it was related to the different elasticities/stretches of which fabrics are characterized. Hence the ‘idea of printing the traditional tailor’s “centimeter” on the garment so to identify the absolute size, and not the relative one (i.e., altered when the garment is worn), that the fabric must have.