Pompei 1974

Pompei 1974


  • FISH WR JFLEX VTF20 by WINDTEX® fabric
  • VISLON® AquaGuard® zip
  • Two inside pockets
  • Slim fit
  • +5°/-5°C
  • Clear


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    Like our summer jerseys, the Pompei 1974 winter jersey, too, is the future of sportswear.

    By only using the best materials available, we have created this revolutionary jersey with Tiger Shield Air fabrics from Windtex making it both insulating and highly breathable at the same time. Its slim fit design means the jersey will feel like it’s part of your body and as it behaves like an extremely soft diving suit, it offers great water resistance together with the water repellant zippers.

    The Pompei 1974 winter jersey is made for you to keep performing at your best level even in cold conditions. For safety reasons, we have also included long and stylish reflex tape to ensure maximum visibility when you’re out on the roads.

    The Story behind the name

    The 1974 Giro d’Italia was memorable in many ways. Especially the third stage of the race from Pompei to Sorrento.

    Despite its distance of just 132 km, this medium mountain stage turned into a living hell for the majority of the riders. The ascents of Agerola and the infamous Monte Faito caused no less than 78 riders to miss the time cut – including the leading rider. However, all riders were reinstated the following day, as only 22 would have remained in the race if not.

    José Manuel Fuente won the stage and took the pink jersey before going on to win additional four stages in that year’s Giro. Ultimately, the gifted Spanish climber finished fifth overall as Eddy Merckx took the win.

    The Pompei 1974 winter jersey is a dedication to the riders who fought their way to the finishing line on this grueling day in the saddle.

    Wear the future

    Are you ready to be part of the revolution and wear the future of sportswear?

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    • Tiger shield air fabric: soft stretch polyamide, abrasion resistant. Inside a thin and elastic latex foam film. This revolutionary film is an extremely elastic and performing membrane with the characteristic of being insulating but breathable at the same time. Tiger shield air lends itself perfectly in cold conditions, behaving like a diving suit but with the difference of being soft, elastic, but above all breathable.
    • FISH WR JFLEX VTF20 fabric with microporous polyurethane membrane, extremely breathable, waterproof and elastic
    • Zip VISLON® AquaGuard®, the YKK® water-repellent hinge type with a polyurethane laminated tape that offers greater water resistance
    • two internal rear pockets accessible by YKK® zips inclined by 45 ° to facilitate access
    • Long reflex tape to ensure maximum visibility
    • Slim fit



    The measurements in the table are to be considered approximate and can be read based on the physical conformation. To choose the most suitable size please consider that the fit is snug and is optimized for the bike position​.



    The most advanced and comfortable cycling kit in the world.


    Every piece feel like it’s part of your body.


    Our Graphene plus fabric dynamically distributes heat so you don’t overheat.


    Everything is made at our own factory in Napoli, Italy.


    Our advanced stitching technology laves no traditional seams and make the clothing even lighter and more comfortable to wear

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