Francesco 1979

Francesco 1979


  • High-tech and super-lightweight Kinetec® performance fabrics
  • G+ Planar Thermal Circuit® by irecta Plus
  • “Road Performance Force” seat pad by Elastic Interface®
  • Silicone leg-ending grippers
  • Lycra® Suspender laser-cut
  • UPF 50+ sun protection factor
  • Clear


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    When you put on the Francesco 1979 bib shorts, you’re wearing the future of sportswear. We use cutting-edge technology to design and produce the world’s most technologically advanced bib shorts.

    We use Graphene plus in our fabrics as this super-lightweight material possesses unique thermal features. It dynamically distributes body heat to colder areas in order for you not to overheat. Thereby you can keep performing at your highest level no matter the temperatures outside. In cold weather, when used as a base layer, our clothing likewise helps you stay warm by making sure the heat is evenly distributed on your body.

    Graphene plus is truly a sportswear game-changer and at Obbi, we are at the forefront of the revolution.

    For the inside pad, we use the latest edition from Elastic Interface®, the Road Performance Force, which is originally intended for ultra-cycling and long hours in the saddle. The design of this pad is developed with a central channel improving blood flow and reducing pressure and numbness. The multidirectional curvature provides greater fit and saddle stability, while the innovative air-mapping concept increases air permeability for reduced heat and increased wicking properties.

    As all Obbi products do, the Francesco 1979 bib shorts also stand out from others on the market as we use flat stitching technology and only two panels, which that makes it an integrated and unique piece.

    The story behind the name

    In the 1979 Giro d’Italia, Napoli hosted a time trial for the first time in the history of the race. It was a beautiful course of 31 km and the streets were full of people showing their enthusiasm as only the Neapolitans can do. The time trial itself was also very special as it included a paved descent in the historical neighborhood of Arenaccia.

    Wearing the pink jersey as the leading rider, Francesco Moser stormed to victory against the clock in Napoli. That year, Moser won three stages in the Giro before going on to finish second overall in the general classification. The Francesco 1979 bib shorts is dedicated to one of the greatest Italian riders of all time and his victory in streets of Napoli that day in 1979.

    Wear the future

    Are you ready to be part of the revolution and wear the future of sportswear?

    Order your Obbi bib shorts today!


    When you put on the Francesco 1979 bib shorts, you’re wearing the future of sportswear. We use cutting-edge technology to design and produce the world’s most technologically advanced bib shorts.



    • High-tech and super-lightweight Kinetec® performance fabrics
    • YKK® Vislon® zip
    • SECOND SKIN wearability
    • Five back pockets
    • UPF 50+ sun protection factor





    We design and manufacture stretch fabrics for high-level sports clothing. The range of products focuses primarily on the needs of aerobic sports like swimming, cycling and running. KINETECH fabrics have special characteristics that give the athlete an edge in a number of different sports.

    Complex fabrics with multiple characteristics that are strategically positioned to maximise functionalisation. Very diverse degrees of compression, elasticity, protection, aerodynamics and transpiration are integrated into different areas of the same fabric.



    Fabrics with conduction properties. Carbon, silver and a series of conducting fabrics are integrated into the Kinetech stretch fabrics.



    Aerodynamic fabrics that help reduce the drag coefficient. They are designed for sport where speeds through the air exceed 30 km/h. They are made with textures tested in wind tunnels for the greatest reduction in volume drag.



    Stretch fabric with a high elastic modulus. High compression levels confer control, stability and improvements to the microcirculation.



    Extremely light and thin fabrics with an excellent lightness-compression-cover ratio.



    A range of fabrics that interact with the human body. Not only do they respond to body signals but also put out signals that improve the athlete’s performance.



    The measurements in the table are to be considered approximate and can be read based on the physical conformation. To choose the most suitable size please consider that the fit is snug and is optimized for the bike position​.



    The most advanced and comfortable cycling kit in the world.


    Every piece feel like it’s part of your body.


    Our Graphene plus fabric dynamically distributes heat so you don’t overheat.


    Everything is made at our own factory in Napoli, Italy.


    Our advanced stitching technology laves no traditional seams and make the clothing even lighter and more comfortable to wear

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